About Cadence

CADENCE are a male/female duo, with two guitars and two vocals performing popular songs from the 1960s right up to date.

They cover songs that everyone knows…all the well loved classics and a few old favourites you might not have heard in a while and do not expect an acoustic duo to cover!

They put a lot of time and effort into arranging each song so that the guitar parts and harmonies create a VERY full sound.  Many people have commented that they can’t believe there are just two people playing.

All genres of music are covered from Abba to Zeppelin and they are able to provide a real performance piece for a quieter listening audience, just as easily as a singalong number or a guaranteed dance floor filler.

Each venue and every audience is different and the set will always be tailored to what is required and will be adapted as the evening progresses to suit that individual gig.

CADENCE are experienced performers; they have a great on-stage chemistry and engage with audiences well, making gigs interactive and fun.

You can check out some videos of them performing by clicking on the ‘Gig Videos’ option on the menu.

CADENCE are available for pub gigs, private parties and weddings.  The fee is dependant on many factors such as the day of the week, length of set, time of year and distance they have to travel, so please choose the ‘Contact Us’ option to get in touch and find out more.