Here is a mashup video of the Electric Shed Experience’s debut!  This is me and Ron Savory along with Alex ‘Andy’ Anderson (bass) and Aled Richards (drums).  It has to be said we had a few technical problems but we also had a great time!    The songs here are two written by me and three by Ron although the songs evolved and every member of the band contributed massively to the final versions 🙂


Here are some videos of me performing with Ron Savory as the Eclectic Shed Experience.  These four songs are written by Ron.  This was his gig that he kindly asked me to join him for and this is really where the Eclectic Shed Experience was born.


Despite having a heavy cold, croaky voice and hideous cough, I inexplicably decided to video myself singing in the garden this weekend!  Here are a couple…..both songs I don’t think are on video anywhere else.



Here are some songs from Lampeter Folk on 5th August 2016.