I honestly cannot believe it has been so long since my last update…this year is flying by!  I have so much going on, it is hard to know where to start!

The Electric Shed Experience (the four piece band) had our debut performance back on 10th June and it went really well!  Check out the review here and a montage video here.  A few photos below…

ese3 ese2 ese1

Ron and I as a duo are now called the Eclectic Shed Experience and we had a great time running the Kinsale open mic in Mumbles for a couple of weeks recently. We have also started to do some recording as a duo and we are being featured on Mike Kennedy’s Welsh Connections Show on Oystermouth radio tonight!   There are quite a lot of gigs and various things in the pipeline so I will put the details on the ‘where to see me play’ page.


Well last weekend I appeared at Penlan Folk Festival.  For the second part of my hour long set on Sunday, I was joined by the wonderful Gerry Taylor on keyboards.  I was especially chuffed to get three requests for my songs and also an encore!  I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂



On Saturday 10th June I am singing 4 or 5 songs purely acoustically, at Spoken Word Saturday in the Ffwrnes Theatre in Llanelli, as part of a book launch, so I am really looking forward to that!

In my last update I mentioned that I was working with Ron Savory as part of a duo and that I was also appearing as part of the Empty Shed Experience.  I am now very pleased to announce that we have rebranded as the Electric Shed Experience!  Things have gone….well, electric!  The band consists of:-

Liz Crippin – vocals, guitar, songwriting and keyboards!  Ron Savory – vocals, lead guitar, songwriting, Alex ‘Andy’ Anderson – amazing bass playing and Aled Richards – drums (and penguin jokes)!  Our debut is 12th June at Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli, 8pm – appearing alongside four other great acts.  Our performance will either leave you thinking OMG or WTF.  Seriously – it’s going to be different!   For tickets to either of the Ffwrnes Theatre events, you can ring them on 0845 226 3510




I can’t believe it has been over two months!   Although an awful lot has happened!

I have been out and about playing, notably at the Rolling Mill Folk Club and Rumney Folk Club.  Both fantastic places to play with great PAs.  I have also appeared on Michael Kennedy’s Welsh Connections Show on Oystermouth Radio.  You can hear the show here.

On top of that, I have started to perform as part of a duo with Ron Savory and our first outing was at the Tin Shed Fringe Festival.  You can hear us amongst many others here.

On Friday 5th May Ron and I supported the amazing Edwina Hayes at the Miners’ Theatre in Ammanford and last Monday I performed at the very first of the Stepni Sessions – part of the Tomorrow Calling Today project at the Ffrwnes Theatre in Llanelli – what a great night!  If you missed it – please please do come along to the next one on 12th June – you won’t regret it.  I am honoured to be appearing again, as part of the Empty Shed Experience!

11/3/17: I AM OFFICIAL!

As of today, I am on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Napster, Deezer….I am even Shazamable!  Check my ‘buy my music’ page for links.


Since the last entry to this blog, I have been QUITE lazy on the music front really.  I think after all the excitement I needed a little break but I have continued to work on new songs and also on getting to grips with my new recording set up.  I have also had my second guitar set up properly so I now have a choice of two wonderful guitars to play.   I have also had TWO radio plays on DapperFM from my EP which was….so weird!  I am immensely grateful to them for giving me airtime. 🙂  Talking of radio…my guest appearance on Oystermouth Radio will be here before you know it.  You can hear me (for two whole hours) talking and no doubt some music too,  on 10th April at 6pm.

19/2/17: SO MUCH NEWS!

Well the most exciting news is that I finally have an EP!  I didn’t so much release it…as it escaped!  I got the CDs delivered and very excitedly announced on Facebook that they had arrived.  Before I knew it I had 17 shares and messages on most of the threads asking about where to get hold of them etc!  It was pretty chaotic for a day or two and I now know how NOT to announce an EP!  Everything is calm now though and I will add a page on this website to let anyone know how to buy a copy for the future!

The EP was recorded by a very lovely and kind man called Phil Tipping who has a pretty impressive recording set up!  Another piece of news is that I now have a recording set up of my own and so I will shortly be starting to work on a full album.  This may take some time!  I have also been writing new songs many of which are unfinished or unpracticed but I hope to start performing them soon.

I have been out and about performing as usual; my first visit to the Rumney Folk Club in Cardiff last Friday and a second trip to the Cothi Valley and District Music Club in Pumpsaint yesterday, where the wonderful Janet provided a delicious array of cakes!

Last but not least I am pleased to have two wonderful reviews of my EP which I will link you to on the reviews page and some exciting news to end with…I am getting my first ever radio play tomorrow evening!  See my Facebook page for more details.

CD 1


On Friday night I went to a brand new busking evening at Tino’s Cafe in Wind Street, Swansea…a great night which ended with a band and a bit of a blues jam!  Saturday I went to my second harmony workshop…which is as good excuse as any to sit in a room with loads of like minded people for a few hours singing gorgeous harmonies.  I was chuffed to be picked out to stand out front and demonstrate.  A mad dash via home and a quick change for Posh Frocks night, open mic at Llandysul, where I performed three of my songs and got a really wonderful reception.  Finally today, I boarded the Copper Jack boat in Swansea for a one and a half hour trip filled with music.  I performed two of my songs this time and also got to join in with others, including a rather wonderful choir!  To top it all off, I got the master CD for my EP so it is just a case of designing the cover and getting it ordered now.  What a great musical weekend!


It has been a while!  I had a run of bad health in the run up to Christmas and consequently did fewer open mics.  At one that I did attend however, (my first visit to this particular one), I was asked if I would like to record my songs in a home studio that someone had set up.  My ultimate goal has always been to get something set up here at home, but it seemed a good idea to maybe get a handful of songs recorded so I gratefully said yes.  Recording was essentially a ‘live’ performance of me singing and playing.   Only on one song did I add a second track by doing a few harmonies and half of the songs I did in one take too!  I recorded six songs and they are currently being mixed before they get put on to a master CD, for me to reproduce whenever I need a copy.

Meanwhile, another kind person has volunteered to help me get a little recording set up here, so recording of a full album WILL be commencing fairly soon!  All the bits and pieces have been purchased and now it is just a matter of putting it all together!

So…I will have a basic EP VERY soon and not long after that I can finally start recording a full album.  If anyone has any interest in either of these, please let me know.

In other news, I have not been too lazy over the last month or two and I have got a number of new songs that I am just in the process of finalising and learning so that I can actually perform them.  I have committed myself to a number of folk nights / open mics over the next month or so and I am sure I will soon get back into the swing of regular live performances, starting tonight!

19/10/16: AN UPDATE

I have done quite a lot of open mic /acoustic nights etc recently.  I have tried to get to places I haven’t been before as it is always good to meet new people and hear new music…along with new opinions on your own!   The common theme is that there are always a few people that ask if I have a CD……so my current focus is on making that happen.  Work is underway to set things up here at home and I have set myself a target to get it done.  Eventually – I WILL be able to say yes I have a CD!!

15/10/16: OXJAM

I played a full hour’s set at Tino’s Cafe in Wind Street, Swansea last Saturday.  Struggling with a bad cold I think I was a bit croakier than usual but still managed to belt out Hurricane Girl.  I am very impressed with Dill who came all the way from Bridgend especially to see me and I am always pleased when someone asks me for a CD!  Well….pleased but also frustrated that I don’t have one!  Yet!

I wasn’t feeling too well so forgot to ask Mr C to take any photos on this occasion….next time!


I was delighted to be asked to play here as guest musician for the first Spoken Word Saturday after the summer break.  It was a full house!  Some wonderful, moving, funny and just plain entertaining performances along with a truly wonderful reception to my songs, made it a really magical and thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.  I was asked to play at Swansea Storytelling too….so look out for the date for that. 🙂






I was absolutely delighted this morning to receive a copy of my first ever review!  Very kindly written and provided by Georgia of Lampeter Folk 🙂





I was asked at very short notice to play here for an hour.  I was delighted to do so.  I played 15 songs – one of which I have never played in public before.  Everyone was really lovely and I hope I get asked back 🙂





I had an wonderful time yesterday and we got a great reception.  First up was the Uplands Tavern at 5pm with Ron Savory and Gerry Taylor.

IMG_2779.JPG IMG_2791

Then later on at The Terrace (Whitez) over the road….just me and Gerry this time.


Thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Great crowd of people there and a good vibe 🙂




I had a great time playing at the Wyrd & Wonderful Festival last Saturday!  The hideous weather (torrential rain and storms) did not stop everyone there having a fab time 🙂

IMG_2728 ww

I am now looking forward to next Saturday, 27th August, playing not once, but twice at the Uplands Music Festival.   I am first up at 5pm at the Uplands Tavern with Gerry Taylor and also sharing the bill is Ron Savory – the songs will be all original…half of mine and half of Ron’s.  We also have, an as yet, unconfirmed special guest!

Then 9pm at The Terrace where it’s just me and Gerry again 🙂




14/8/16: BUSY!

I am busy at the moment practising for two and a half gigs next weekend!  Let me explain.  One of the bands I am in has a gig on Friday night.  Terrifyingly Interestingly, I am playing bass guitar for the first time as our bass player can’t make it!   I’d never even picked a bass guitar up until a couple of days ago!

The second gig is at the Wyrd and Wonderful Festival where I have a 45 minute set starting at 3pm (accompanied by Gerry Taylor) and the half a gig?  Well I am making a bit of a guest appearance along with Gerry Taylor, in Ron Savory’s set which is immediately before mine 🙂   So at the moment I am doing rather a lot of rehearsing!

See my Where to see me play page for more details!